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Though originated as an initiative to address the backwardness of Malappuram district, Akshaya was conceived as a  landmark ICT project by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission to bring the benefits of this technology to the entire population of the State. The modus for this was establishment of grass roots level ICT centres at the Panchayat/Municipal ward level.The Malappuram Akshaya pilot project started as the beginning of a State wide flagship programme was very much successful and it was subsequently declared the first totally e-literate district in the country. With the Malappuram experiment becoming a big success Akshaya e-services have been  implemented in eight districts including Malappuram in the second stage. In the third phase Akshaya activities are being rolled out in the remaining six districts of the State. On completion of the third phase rollout, the project will provide self-employment to around 3000+ persons and direct employment to about 3-5 persons in each of the multi purpose community technology centres called Akshaya e-kendras and would bring in an investment of around Rs. 100 crores in the State. Out of this 87.50 percent is envisaged for the rural sector. There will be at least two centres in every village Panchayat. These targets are already being fulfilled. Each e-kendra, set up within 2-3 kilometres of every household cater to the requirements of around 1000-3000 families to make available the power of networking and connectivity to common man.

 In short,  Akshaya is acting as an instrument in rural empowerment and economic development. The project is a catalyst in creating massive economic growth and creation of direct and indirect employment in the State by focusing on the various facts of e-learning, e-transaction, e-governance etc. The project is having a long-standing impact on the social, economic and political scenario of the State.