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E-Vidya Certificate Course in Office Management

It is a government certified course intends to impart in-depth training on the different aspects of computer. It gives practical oriented training on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet, Malayalam word processor, World Wide Web and Operating Systems.

Duration of the Course is 50 hrs.
Course Fee – Rs. 450

Certificate Course in Basic Computer Literacy

In tune with the Akshaya project, Kerala State IT Mission has designed a CD ROM after scientific research with the help of Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) for imparting the basic computer literacy skill sets to the people. The programme is divided into ten lessons, which can be completed in ten classes of two hours.

This course covers the topics namely Computer Fundamentals, Windows/ Linux Operating Systems, Word Processing, Internet and Email.

The syllabus is designed in a manner that would generate maximum enthusiasm to the students. It is a harmonious mix of games, visuals, lessons and lectures in a multi media enabled environment. Every lesson starts with an explanation to the lesson, games to create enthusiasm in the lesson and the practical part of the lesson.

The course contains an online evaluation tool attached to it. The Kerala State IT Mission, along with the Computer Society of India, issues a Govt. recognized certificate after an online evaluation by experts trained to conduct examinations. Examination results will be published in the official Akshaya website for verification.

Duration of the Course is 15 hrs.
Course Fee – Rs. 140
Fee for online certification – Rs. 50