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Intel learn is an IT enabled education program, which was implemented through Akshaya platform in 2004 in collaboration with Intel Education Initiative under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The aim of implementing the program was not only to bridge the digital gap but also for developing effective learning practices amongst children. This project was piloted in one of the backward districts - Malappuram in the year 2004 and has emerged into one of the most dynamic public-private-partnerships interventions in the State and the country. So far, the program has been impacted over 30,000 learners across 7 districts and has also helped sustain the Akshaya entrepreneurs.

Aimed at learners aged 8–16, the curriculum is particularly appropriate for those who live in communities with limited access to technology. The curriculum has been translated in Malayalam and specially designed to accommodate Akshaya community technology centers with a wide range of technology infrastructure—from newer, more sophisticated facilities to those with fewer resources.

Key features of Intel Learn Program
  • It is a 60-hour; hands-on curriculum built around two core modules that tap into children’s interest in their own communities and builds their focus on community development.
  • Develops 21st century skills – IT skills, teaches learners on how to work in a team, develops problem solving abilities and helps children to focus on finding solutions to community issues through project based methods.
  • It also shows learners how technology can be effectively used in a variety of jobs and careers. Using increasingly sophisticated software tools, students create projects ranging from designing a survey that a health care worker might use to assess health needs, to developing a project management plan that a local engineer might create before starting a building project.
Intel Learn Program Expansion Update Report for Idukki District
Some of the highlights of the same are:
  • Idukki district have become the second district out of the six districts to complete the expansion process.
  • Two staff training batches were organized in the district during September - October months in the district.
  • 30 Akshaya centers are trained into the program.
  • A total of 44 staffs were also trained into the program through the staff training program organized in the district.
  • DD for education, district NIC officer and Panchayat representatives participated in the final showcasing organized at the end of the training sessions.
  • Program curriculum in digital version and other campaigning materials have been distributed at the end of the training session.
  • All the participants who have completed the training sessions have been awarded the staff training certificates.