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Today the Information Communication Technology (ICTs) has played an important role in knowledge dissemination and transformation.   On the one hand the process of knowledge transformation is constantly advancing with the emergence of newly advanced digital technologies and on the other hand the digital divide in accessing information technologies have been further widening, the world over. Along with this it paved the way for a digital divide between the English speaking population and non-English speaking population such that the latter were  not able to reap its benefits.


In most of the websites, portal s the medium of language used for disseminating information is English. This has discouraged the computer illiterates and neo – literates from actively using the computers and benefiting from it.


It is in this crucial situation that the Government of Kerala took a leadership role by embarking on a new initiative with the objective of creating capacity and content in the local language – Malayalam. Malayalam Computing campaign is being led by the IT Department and KSITM, Akshaya and SPACE are the main implementing agencies of Malayalam Computing campaign.

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