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As part of Kerala's efforts to merge IT and the local spoken language many Malayalam computing initiatives had been launched.  As a result many government websites are already bilingual.

But the biggest proof to evaluate the mass adoption of local language computing is through a project called 'Ente gramam', which translates to 'My village'. It is a flagship project funded by UNESCO in association with Akshaya.  The project aimed at bringing forth web portals that cater to the needs of the citizens locally. Here the portals come with solutions.

Entegramam is an online community portal in Malayalam created and maintained by the citizens of each village. The Government facilitated setting up of the portal and allows villagers to submit articles which are edited by philanthropic editors who upload the articles on the portal.

Each web portal covers detailed information of the Panchayat. Each village has its own space in the portal and the information ranges from a catalog of 'useful services' from coconut tree climbers, carpenters, and more along with their phone numbers and location where they live. You will find the history of the land, governance, information on public services, to mention a few. Locally relevant news and announcements also find its way to the portal. In the course of time the portals will be used for local transaction, enabling in it with more business features. If successful, such portals can be set up every village/panchayat of the State.

This project has been implemented in the Gram Panchayats and Municipality of Kannur District.

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