Anert - Akshaya energy consumption workshop
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Thursday, 19 August 2010 11:12

Akshaya along with ANERT organized a workshop on energy consumption on 16th and 17th August 2010 at Harippad Karthika Appartments.  A total no of 30 entrepreneurs and staffs participated in the Programme. The class was lead by Mr.Balagopalan, ANERT state project officer. The module of the class was as follows, which included both the classroom and out field activities.

As a first step we have to get the exact population of the panchayath. Selecting a 5% of the said population a random survey will be conducted. With the help of the KSEB details of consumer (electrified houses) shall be collected.  A sample shall be worked out like 1-5-10. Data will be collected with the help of Lineman, meter readers, regarding the domestic consumers. Using the area code, total no of electric posts, transformers and their exact position in the panchayath has to be found. Using the filled in Data forms total numbers of fans, bulbs etc has to be found. Along with this survey a public awareness class also has to be organized.

The Programme was a great experience and educative, as we were introduced to a new dimension of social service. It is fact that this will be a great help for each of us as it gives us an opportunity to be in contact with the Public.

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