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The Local Self Government institutions under the three-tier Panchayat System have given the fillip to the setting up of Akshaya e-centres. They anchor these centres at the grassroots level. It is a well-established fact that local ownership fosters the success and resilience of ICT and e-governance projects. Outside control and hierarchical or top-down approaches, on the other hand, often waste resources endangering their sustainability. In the case of e-governance projects the local administration and political machinery need to be involved in the implementation of the project, or otherwise the chance of failure is almost certain. Therefore the role of LSGIs is envisaged in the project even from its conceptual level.
The functional role of LSGIs in the project are :

  • Selection of locations for e-centres
  • Selection of entrepreneurs
  • Sourcing of e-literacy fund
  • Monitoring of e-literacy activities
  • Campaign activities
  • Engaging of social animators
  • Implementation of post e-literacy phase and e-governance activities.