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Banwari, a student of JNV (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya), Bhilwara, belongs to a poor farmer’s family, working throughout the day in most difficult circumstances to earn a living. He was the eldest of the four children and used to help his father in the field. Education and school seemed a distant dream since there was never enough to feed all the hungry stomachs in the family. When Banwari’s father heard about ‘Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan’ launched by Government of India, and JNV’s (completely free of cost) near his village, with the aim of providing quality modern education to children from rural and underdeveloped areas, he was very excited. He got Banwari admitted to the JNV in their district.
When Banwari heard about his admission in the school, he was very confused and apprehensive. On the first day of the school, Banwari was very hesitant to speak to anyone. With passing days, he made a few friends but continued to be a quite child and did not interact much with others. Even in the class, he would not ask any questions and did not take the lead in any initiative.

When the Intel® Learn Program was launched in his school, he got the opportunity to be a part of it. When he asked his teacher about the program, his teacher explained him that the program was designed especially for community based children who had limited or no access to technology, so that they could develop the essential 21st century skills for a better and bright future. His teacher also explained that the program would help them learn the advantages of information technology and motivate them to use this tool effectively in the learning process.

“While facilitating the program, I was surprised to see Banwari’s dedication. For the first time, Banwari spoke in front of the class and asked questions to clear his doubts. There was no sign of shame, hesitation or fear. He was so keen on learning and I could see him mingling with other children during the ‘Project’ sessions”, claims the teacher.

Today, Banwari is a completely different child after participating in the Intel® Learn Program. The level of confidence that he has gained in the process of the program is unbelievable for his friends, family and teachers. He feels proud whenever he talks about the Intel® Learn Program. He talks about the ease with which he handles the computer now and says that he would never forget the first time when he touched the computer in the school lab.

Banwari likes to take on the challenges he faces today, while working on the technologies that he learnt during this program. “He is in a better frame of mind today and fully aware of the importance of planning, sharing and reviewing”, explains the teacher. It is also found that he is more interactive, organized and orderly while dealing with different tasks today.

“The Intel® Learn Program has exposed the children to 21st century skills. It is not only Banwari but all the other program learners who have gained remarkable confidence in technology skills, presentation skills, collaboration skills and public speaking. The program has given the children a phenomenal leap”, says the teacher with excitement.

Banwari, with a dreamy expression says “Someday, I will make it big”.