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The prime objective of Akshaya is to provide ICT accessibility and services to the reach of the common man and, thus, to bridge the gap between the “Information Rich and the Information Poor” – Akshaya project was conceived in such a way as to achieve this objective by developing ICT access points (e-centres) primarily and also addressing issues in the three main areas of:

  • Skill sets: viz, giving e-literacy training to at least one member in the 64 lakh families of the State.
  • Content Development: viz, content relevant to local people in Malayalam in web and digital media to be created.
  • Services Delivery: viz, e-learning, e-business, e-payment, e-governance etc to be carried out. The hope that Akshaya will act as an instrument for the State’s overall development is being fulfilled. By bringing ICT to all segments of people it acts as a vehicle for improved quality of life, accessibility to information, transparency in governance and overall socio-economic growth.

Benefits Envisioned

After the completion of the project

  • At least one computer literate person in every home in the State
  • Network of 3000 e-kendras throughout the State
  • Delivery of public service and e-governance applications through these e-kendras
  • Unmatched access for the rural population to ICT services
  • Generation of locally relevant e-content
  • 3000 direct employment opportunities and investment of over Rs. 100 crores
  • Cheaper Communication through Internet telephony, e-mail, chat etc
  • ICT 4 D tools in Telehealth, Agriculture, Resource Management etc
  • Increased PC and ICT applications penetration
  • E-pay of utility bills at one counter
  • e-learning, e-krishi and e-commerce at the doorsteps of the citizen
There are many good projects sponsored by State Governments and NGOs which are admirable; but nowhere has the kind of vision and strategy been as demonstrable as in Akshaya. Neither do I think any other state has the wherewithal for accomplishing these because without literacy, without commitment on the part of the people concerned, without a certain level of social justice, these things would be very difficult to achieve” said Prof. Kenneth Keniston, Founder and Director of MIT India Programme.