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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) on a Service

Aadhaar data can be updated or corrected at any enrolment centre

(Demographic Details):- Name, Address, Date of Birth/Age, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Address, Relationship Status and Information Sharing Consent) and Biometric (Iris, Finger Prints and Facial Photograph) data can be updated or corrected at any enrolment centre by providing necessary documents. Details can be found in the services page.

E-aadhaar can be re-printed from any Akshaya Centre by giving any one of the following information

a.       Enrolment Slip with EID OR

b.      Aadhaar no.,  DOB and District

c.    Name , housename  and pincode given at the time of enrolment

d.    Name ,year of birth and pincode

e. Any of the demographic details with pincode and biometric of resident (This can be done only the Centres which owned Aadhaar enrolemnt machine)

1. Customer Account creation of special Tiny Account,

2. Transactions - Withdrawal , Deposit and Balance Enquiry of kiosk customers

3. , Loan Repayment

4. Recurring Deposit Account creation of kiosk customers

3. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System on us - Deposit /Withdrawal/balance Enquiry  of Account holders of Own Bank

4. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System off us - Deposit /Withdrawal/balance Enquiry of Account holders of other Bank

5. Transactions for walk through customers - IMPS (Immediate Payment System) - IMPS is used to transfer money to customer’s account in other bank.

6. Micro ATM transaction -Withdrawal through ATM Card using card swiping

For children below 5 years biometrics is not required for enrollment. UID will be processed on the basis of demographic information, facial photograph of child  linked with the Aadhaar of their parents.

Childrens who enrolled and got Aadhaar (Age from 0 to 14 years ) biometric updation is compulsory  when they cross the age of 15years.

Documents needed for enrolement is DOB certificate of the children

AAdhaar authentication of parents (either mother or father) is compulsory

New India Assurance company provides Non life insurance – Vehicle insurance services through Akshaya Centres.

Per day  Rs 10,000/- is the withdrawal / Deposit transaction limit through Kiosk running by Akshaya Centers.

Currently photo enrollment process for CHIAK RSBY is done with the consent of Local bodies at notified locationsby the TPAs.  Decision has to be taken by CHIAK for  2016-17 enrollment process.

Authenticity of the certificate can be verified as follows

Take edistrict portal  https://edistrict.kerala.gov.in/

and click certificate Verification then select service from dropdown list and enter  Certificate No 


Customer needs to bring the bank account passbook, Aadhaar number and Pension Payment order number or pension book

Akshaya Centers is authorized only for new registrations of RSBY. CHIAK RSBY Kiosk in respective districts shall assist public for the provision of new cards in case of misplaced or lost cards.

Aadhaar Card , Voters Card, PAN Card if any, and passport size photo