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Also asked as: How to start Akshaya Centre

Entrepreneurs are selected to a new location or a vacant location through a three tier recruitment process.

Vacancy will be notified via press and website ( and interested candidates will have to register online for participating in the recruitment. Eligible candidates will be invited for an online  test and an interview held at conerned localbody then a rank list of the selection process will be published. First rank holder will be selected for  operating an Akshaya Centre.

300 sq. ft carpet area, computers and peripherals as per Schedule A of the agreement, Internet connection, name board and service rates chart as specified.

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Any individual with minimum age of 18years and educational qualification as HSE/equivalent/3 year Diploma and not employed in government service, is eligible to apply for Akshaya Entrepreneurship as per the notification. 

An Akshaya Centre Entrepreneur enters into an agreement with the Dist. Collector and will be responsible for all operational processes of running the centre at the specified location, starting from identifying a suitable built-up space at the location, arranging necessary infrastructure, signages etc. and deliver services to the citizens. see the attached document

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As per govt. order on 26-09-2014 an Akshaya Centre can be allotted to a location proposed by LSG subject to the following conditions:

a) There must be no Akshaya Centre existing in the 2 km radius of the proposed location

b) Maximum no. of centres possible in a Panchayat is 4 and in Muncipality is 6. Status quo is permitted for centres that have been in operation prior to the order.

The Panchayat / Muncipality / Corporation have the authority to recommend a location for an Akshaya Centre to the Akshaya District Office and Dist. e-Governance Society. If the proposed location satisfies the criteria for new locations, the same will be subjected to approval by DeGS and KSITM before release of a Govt. Order citing the new location.

Public can submit complaint either thru send email or at concerned district project office . Grievances can be submit at concerned District collector, Akshaya state Office TVM and O/o of Director KSITM , TVM

Citizens can contact the respective District / State Project Office of Akshaya to convey any grievance regarding the functioning of an Akshaya Centre. Contact details of the Offices are available in this website. 

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Akshaya centres are PPP model micro entrepreneurship ventures set up to deliver govt. and other essential services to the citizens, and they only receive commissions for the services they render. Initial and Working Capital for the operation of the centre is invested by the entrepreneur himself and rules and specifications for setting up and running the centre are put forth by the Govt.

CSC (Common Service Centre) is a project by the Govt. of India to deliver G2C and B2C services through a common web portal in a PPP manner and is functionally employing a model similar to that of Akshaya across the country. In Kerala, Akshaya is the agency delivering CSC services and all Akshaya Centres offer the services on the CSC bouquet as well and both the names are being interchangeably used.


Only an individual who gets selected as Akshaya Centre Entrepreneur and enters into an agreement can start an Akshaya Centre. However such persons may apply for selection process if a location is notified at the place where his / her computer centre is located, and if they get selected as an Entrepreneur they may convert the existing premises if norms are satisfied.