Nativity Certificate

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Nativity Certificate is a document issued by Government, certifying the Indian origin of an applicant who is or whose relations such as parents/grandparents etc lived in that particular state.  It is used for availing quotas in educational level, for applying Government jobs, permitting students to apply for scholarship schemes etc.


Supporting documents to be uploaded:


  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Ration Card

  3. School certificates of Parents


Time Frame to issue the Certificate:


5 days from the date of application




For a specified minimum period




Fee Details

Rs.10/- (Akshaya service charge) + Rs.5/- (Stamp charge) + Rs.2 (Govt.Service charge) + Rs.2 per page for scanning / printing
(SC / ST families need not pay stamp charges and Govt.Service charge)
(BPL families need not pay Govt.Service Charge – Rs.2)