Public grievance

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Grievance Redressal is one of the important services of any Public Authority. This service aims to provide redressal of grievances of citizens by appropriate government authority. The designated official undertakes investigation of complaints and resolve / address the grievance of the complainant. Public Grievances Redressal  through e-District is one of the flagship initiatives taken by the State Government for the reformation in governance.


Grievance Category


  • Complaints relating to the Chief Ministers Distress Relief funds
  • Allotment of house and financial assistance to house construction
  • Monetary help requests
  • Allotment of Land
  • BPL/APL card related complaints
  • Land Assignment related issues
  • Complaints regarding delay in implementation/non-implementation of a decision
  • Loans/Interest on loans and repayment
  • Public Health and other related matters
  • Scheduled Castes/Tribes and Other Backward Classes welfare related matters
  • Handicapped – Request relating to their problems
  • Complaints related to Janmi Pension, Pattayam and Land Board
  • Employment assistance requests
  • Complaints regarding delay in deciding a case including delay in taking action/supplying information
  • Land Records and Survey related complaints
  • Complaints related to electricity and water supply
  • Social security and welfare pension schemes
  • Land Acquisition related issues
  • Complaints on SC/ST lands
  • Settlement and payment of family pensions, DRG etc.
  • Panchayath/PWD Road Development
  • Complaints regarding civic amenities other than electricity and water supply
  • Miscellaneous: State Government Organizations
  • Complaints regarding revenue and general administration matters
  • PG related to departments other than revenue