Banking Kiosk Service

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Also known as: Banking, Micro ATM,PIN PAD

Banking Service of Various Banks

Kiosks act as a tool to streamline the way in which customers access information and complete transactions, resulting in a more satisfying banking experience.


Kiosk banking is designed to be mutually beneficial to banks, Akshaya entrepreneurs, and the public. While it frees banks from the liability of opening new branches to enlarge the customer base, it opens up a new business opportunity for Akshaya entrepreneurs, while catering to citizens who have limited access to full-fledged banking services. 


The Akshaya network had played a key role in bringing all households into the banking network. As many as 1 lakh savings bank accounts were opened through kiosk banking. Daily wageworkers, students, small businesspersons, and farmers are among the regular clients of the kiosk network.