Income Certificate

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Income certificate is issued by the Government as a proof of all source information with respect to the income of a person.  This certificate can be used to avail tax relaxation at the time of property purchase or any other service. Students may use this certificate while applying for scholarship/fees concession for their higher education or at the time of school/college admission within the same state.


Supporting documents to be uploaded:


  1. Proof of Income
  2. Basic Tax Payment Receipt
  3. Ration Card
  4. Land Tax
  5. Salary Certificate


Time Frame to issue the Certificate:


6 days from the date of application




  1. Year from the date of issue of certificate

Fee Details

Rs.10/- (Akshaya service charge) + Rs.5/- (Stamp charge) + Rs.2 (Govt.Service charge) + Rs.2 per page for scanning / printing
(SC / ST families need not pay stamp charges and Govt.Service charge)
(BPL families need not pay Govt.Service Charge – Rs.2)