Digital Financial Literacy

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We are in the cusp of a digital transformation in the governance. Globally this watershed transformation made the governments to re-design and deliver its services by keeping citizen at the ‘front’ and in the ‘center’. Responsiveness of the governments to the trends of this digital revolution, its drive to enable this transformation in the governance will be critical in determining the citizen orientation of the government and in turn its ability to spur the economic development of the society. Government of kerala, in consonance with this, in its latest IT policy envisioned establishing knowledge powered Digital Kerala to enable Digital lifestyle for all the citizens through application of digital technologies in the areas of Digital Citizenship within the governing principles of ubiquity, inclusion, freedom. Policy also lays out establishment of a citizen centric digital government to persistently improve service delivery standards through adoption of latest digital technologies.


              Digital Technologies are growing at an exponential pace and the positive influence of digital technologies is all pervasive in all the sectors and governance is not far left behind. With the growing number of digital savvy young population, the demand on adoption of technology to provide best user experience in service delivery is increasing. Poor delivery of service is bound to cause disillusionment in citizens and consequent lag in economic growth. However a sizable population especially farmers, many Women, senior citizens are not so comfortable in using digital tools and availing digital services and thus leading to exclusion. Thus we are living in both highly desirable and challenging times. Inclusion in a digitally empowered society is equally critical to this vision. To ensure inclusivity Government of Kerala has planned a digital empowerment campaign focussing on digital and financial literacy by utilizing the proven and long tested potential of Akshaya entrepreneurs, Student groups (Student Police Cadets, NCC and NSS) and Kudumbasree.


Digital Financial Literacy is the combination of all three paradigms: Digital, Finance and Literacy. This strategy seeks to develop the knowledge, skills and necessary behaviour in the citizen to effectively use digital devices for governmental, financial and other transactions. The Government seeks to promote digital payment methods to encourage citizens / consumers and merchants to increasingly shift to digital payment modes. Citizens also will have to be equipped with skills to use internet and various other digital tools to avail various services. This campaign will be the Third Wave of Citizen Empowerment through Digital Financial Literacy after the first Total Literacy Campaign, e-Literacy Campaign.